Klira Thinline 1960’s Sunburst (for restoration)

Information about guitar:
Guitar is in overall good condition but it need some work to be fully functional. I think the main work needs to be done is a neck reset, neck ajustment with truss rod and loosening the truss rod because it seems like not used in a long time. There are some crack on the body but they are stable – this is quite standard for old thinline guitars and they should not affect playing.


  • Head – average condition with significally laquer loose and cratches and bumps (visible on photos).
  • Keys – good condition.
  • Nut – good condition
  • Neck – good condition, there are some crack on the body where the neck join the body. Cracks are visible but do not affects neck stability. Neck need reset and work on truss rod and truss rod ajustment.
  • Fretboard – very good condition (visible on photos).
  • Frets – good condition with visible sings of use (visible on photos).
  • Body – good condition with some cratches and bumps. On the top back there are some cracks but the are stable (visible on photos).
  • Lacquer – good condition with some cratches and bumps specially on the sides (visible on photos).
  • Equipment – good condition.

Please note this is true vintage instrument – if you want to play it, it may need some setup.

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