About me

Who I am

The Reforged concept was born as an answer to the situation on the music gear market. Every aspect of today’s guitar world is flooded by either low quality or just dull products. Even the custom series products are often really not worth half of their market price – and they should be highest quality products! The situation is getting even worst in the middle price range. It is almost impossible to buy some unique gear and the vast majority of gear is made outside of the origin inventor country. We also think that back in the day companies were more focused on quality than today.
That’s why I’m focused on vintage stuff – I simply love vintage and think that they are products with souls.

Apart of my love for vintage I also wanted to change my live and start building something which is worth building. I simply want to make a best place to explore and buy vintage music gear.

My mission

My mission is to build guitar place where people will be able to explore guitar world absolutely relaxed and save. I want to change people’s thinking that every dealer is a dodger, every item has hidden catch and the transaction is always war between dealer and buyer with the only one winner. I want to find all the forgotten music stuff and bring it back to live.

My main goals are:

  • Provide interesting and unique vintage guitars and gear
  • Rescue as much of old forgotten music stuff as we can
  • Provide only win / win transactions
  • Build awareness that guitar dealer can be a partner in business
  • Make items description as detailed as possible
  • Always provide items high resolution photos
  • Be open to bargaining as this is important part of the trading process
  • Educate buyers about guitars and gear so they buy with awareness
  • Treat buyers with respect they deserve but expect the same respect for Reforged

Terms & conditions

Auctions – how I do it

  • After I recieve the guitar or gear I check the item very closely.
  • We make a high resolution photos
    • I make photos with high end lenses
    • I make photos in well exposed room with the black background to provide best contrasts and colours
    • In photoshop I only crop the photos and use sharpen / unsharp mask filter to show you even more detailed photos
  • I always describe every little detail that I have discovered. (if you see something that’s not in the description and you have noticed this on the photos – please tell me – I will change the description immediately)
  • Some of the guitars are sold as collectible items and they need to be set to be playable
  • Some of the guitars are fully prepared to play – when I decide that is really worth to do it, I take the guitar to our friends luthiers and they make all the work that the guitar needs. After the finish the guitar is playing like new. If I do so, I always put detailed report on what has been done to the guitar in the description.
  • I’m always really open to answer to any question you have about the guitar. Do not hesitate to ask anything.


  • International shipping will be calculated individually.
  • Each item is insured for their whole value
  • Guitar will be send maximum 3 days after payment confirmation.
  • I send items only with tested transport companies.
  • Customs Information – please be aware of customs fees such as taxes and duties, which are not included in our shipping charges. Customs fees vary from location to location. Please check with your local customs office for more information on the fees in your area. If you refuse to pay these fees, your order will not be delivered. I cannot refund shipping charges if an item is returned due to refusal to pay fees, and a restocking fee may be applied to cover the cost of return shipping. Customs fees are non-refundable.


  • Every item is packed in hard cardboard filled with fillers so the item is stable inside
  • If the package looks damaged – do not hesitate to check it with the presence of the courier and if something is wrong make a damage protocol. That’s really important to get your money back from the insurance.

Payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Bank wire transfer


  • I do not accept returns. Each listed guitar has its unique description and high resolutions photos – please use it to see every detail and guitar’s overall condition.

Do not hesitate to ask me any questions that will help you in the process of checking the guitars or gear.

If you want to know more about me and projects I’m currently working on, please visit my blog: