Huttl Beat a GoGo 1950’s Sunburst


Information about the guitar:
I offer this amazing Huttl model Beat a GoGo. Huttl guitars are rare in general, but Huttl in very good condition are simply super rare to find nowdays 🙂

Guitar is after full check and setup by professional luthier and it’s ready to play!


  • Head – very good condition.
  • Keys – new keys.
  • Nut – very good condition.
  • Neck – excellent condition.
  • Fretboard – excellent condition – because of no truss rod it has been planned, sanded to compansate neck wryness. Made by a professional luthier.
  • Frets – new frets made by a professional luthier.
  • Body – very good condition.
  • Lacquer – good condition with some bumps and scratches (visible on photos).
  • Electronics – excellent condition.
  • Equipment – excellent condition.

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