Framus Graziella 1970’s Sunburst 8 string Mandolin

Information about Framus Banjos:
The choice of products Framus had in the fifties and seventies included many flat, Portuguese half round, and Italian round mandolins, also precious archtop variants, a small mando-guitar like mandolas and mandriolas. A real rarity today would be the early Framus Black Rose Baby and the fancy-looking Black Rose Baby De Luxe mandolin. But also the electric mandolin from the early seventies, or the on the Tele®vision guitar based Thinline electric mandolin 6/118 prove the creativity of the manufacturer when developing new folklore instruments.

The mandolins and related instruments had occasionally the same model numbers, which at the same time define various model names of different instrument types. To precisely identify the instrument one has to research thoroughly and verify all relevant entries.



  • Head – excellent condition.
  • Keys – excellent condition.
  • Nut – excellent condition.
  • Neck – excellent condition.
  • Fretboard – excellent condition.
  • Frets – very good condition.
  • Body – excellent condition.
  • Lacquer – excellent condition.
  • Equipment – excellent condition.
  • Addons – vintage bag

Please note this is true vintage instrument – if you want to play it, it may need some setup.