Arnold Hoyer 27 1964 Natural


Information about the production:
The history of the HOYER guitar brand began in 1874, when Franz Hoyer, son of an old German luthier family, opened his own workshop in Schönbach/Egerland (today Czech Republic).

Company started to make the Solid Body electric guitars in 1962. This one is probably produced in 1964 and it’s called model 27. It’s super rare guitar and I’m very happy that I found it.

More info you can find here:

Guitar is after full check and setup by professional luthier and it’s ready to play!


  • Head – very good condition.
  • Keys – good condition – they are working fine but maybe in time their plastic heads will need replacement.
  • Nut –  good condition.
  • Neck – very good condition.
  • Fretboard – excellent sanded by professional luthier.
  • Frets – new frets made by professional luthier.
  • Body – good condition with some bumbs and scratches. Strap belt bolts are missing.
  • Lacquer – good condition with some bumbs and scratches.
  • Electronics – excellent condition – all checked by professional luthier. Original 3 pin input.
  • Equipment – all in very good condition.

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