Rodelbald Hoyer Jazzstar 1950’s Natural


Information about the production:
Rodebald Hoyer was born on 05.12.1909 in Schönbach in Egerland. Hoyer was in Egerland not a rare name and there was no relationship to Arnold Hoyer from Tennenlohe in Erlangen. After the war, Hoyer was expelled from Schönbach and settled in Kochel. According Handwerksrolle, he opened his first workshop on 12.15.1948 at Bergfeldweg 270. Later moved to the workshop on Friedzaunweg.

Model Jazz Star is among the best and highest quality guitars from Rodebald Hoyer. These guitars have an extravagant hardware equipment and many ornaments paired with fine woods and highest guitar architecture. These guitars were built between 1955 to 1966. The presented model was build in 1960’s – the earlier versions had red-white heads.

This is the 4th Rodebald Hoyer Jazz Star in my collection. I have a video for the first one which you should see because guitars sound very similar.

When I bought this one it has broken neck. The damage was not so bad as it sound because the brake was on the place when the neck originally was connecting to the body. So no damage to the neck itself, its more like a connection damage. You can see it on the photo. The damage was repaired by professional luthier and the place of the repair was covered with brown laquer. After the repair and set up this guitar is in amazing condition, that’s why I decided to grade it as Excellent Condition.

Guitar is after full check and setup by professional luthier and it’s ready to play!


  • Head – excellent condition.
  • Keys – new keys!
  • Nut – excellent condition.
  • Neck – excellent condition – it has a minor brake on the base where it connects to body (please see the photo). As you can see this brake was not any major damage and it has been repaired by professional luthier. Neck also has one hole from pickguard screw.
  • Fretboard – sanded to compansate the neck wryness. Now it’s like new!
  • Frets – new frets!
  • Body – excellent condition. It has one hole from pickguard screw.
  • Lacquer – excellent condition with typical for this age cracks (visible on photo) and few small bumbs.
  • Equipment – all in exellent condition, new bridge.
  • Addons – New strings – Elixir Phosphor Bronze 11-52 Custom Light

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