Formanta Solo 2 1980’s Silver / White (need repair)

Information about this guitar:
One of the most popular Soviet electric guitars, Formanta produced Borisov plant from mid 70s to mid 80s. Design repeats the latest Ibanez JetKing, Kawai and other Japanese guitars of the late 60’s. Byelorussian SSR produced a small amount of electric guitars in the Soviet era. The circuit is mounted on a three pickguard of beautiful sparkling plastic and three singles.

The good condition of the guitar and particular parts described below doesn’t mean guitar is ready to play. I will need for sure some work. Formantas were very bad manufactured and they often were unplayable even when they just left the factory as new ones. Be aware what you gonna buy and be ready for some work.


  • Head – very good condition.
  • Keys –  very good condition.
  • Nut –  very good condition.
  • Neck –  very good condition.
  • Fretboard – exellent condition.
  • Frets – good condition with typical sings of use but there is some buzzing so they may need some work.
  • Body – very good condition.
  • Lacquer – very good condition with small bumbs and scratches (visible on photos).
  • Electronics – not working – need to be repaired.
  • Equipment – all in very good condition.
  • Addons – original bag

Please note this is true vintage instrument – if you want to play it, it may need some setup.