Klira Troubadour 890 1950’s Natural

Information about production:
Klira was a German string instrument manufacturer closed in 1982. They started production of acoustic and electric guitars around the 1950’s. Klira Triumphator is a 1960’s high class vintage guitar made in Germany.

Information about this model: 
This model is the Klira Troubadour 890 is another amazing archtop in my collection. Just like the Rodebald Hoyers this one is top class of the German guitars from 50’s. It sound amazing, so if you look for unique acoustic guitar this is the one.

Guitar is after full check and setup by professional luthier and it’s ready to play!

The video is a sound check for one of my previous Klira Troubadour. They all sound very similar.


  • Head – very good condition.
  • Keys – very good condition.
  • Nut – brand new.
  • Neck – very good condition.
  • Fretboard – sanded to compansate the neck wryness. Now it’s like new!
  • Frets – new frets made by professional luthier.
  • Body – excellent condition with small bumps here and there and some screw holes (visible on photos).
  • Lacquer – good condition with one place when there are some laquer cracks (visible on photo).
  • Equipment – new bridge.
  • Addons – new strings.