Klira Triumphator 60’s Perloid (for restoration)


Information about this guitar:
Klira Triumphator is a 1960’s high class vintage guitar made in Germany. This unique model is quite rare on the secondary market.

This particular guitar has really nice and unique pickup and perloid finish. I think if someone would give her some work and love she could be super nice guitar.


  • Head – average condition with significant bumps and laquers losses (visible on photos).
  • Keys – good condition – they need cleaning and oiling.
  • Nut – non original – it is too high so it should be replaced.
  • Neck – average condition. It has no truss rod and significant bow, also significant bumps and laquers losses (visible on photos).
  • Fretboard – good condition, but it should be sanded to compensate neck curvature.
  • Frets – good condition, but they need to be replaced because fretboard need sanding.
  • Body – average conditon – there was some gluing, because glue residues are visible here and there (visible on photos).
  • Lacquer – laquer bad condition, perloid good condition with two cracks on front (all visible on photos).
  • Electronics – non functioning – need to be repaired. I got the information from previous owner that she played 3 years ago.
  • Equipment – average condition.

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