Framus Television 5/116-54 1960’s Black Rose

Information production:
The first Framus thinline guitar was designed in 1953 in collaboration with Billy Lorento, aka Bill Lawrence. It was not only the first signature model coming from Franconia, but also the first electric guitar with a thin resonating body, set neck, and no sustain block inside – very characteristic of Framus-manufactured guitars. Successor models in this segment were among others the Hi-Fi-Six, and of course classics like the New Sound and the Fret Jet.

Guitar manufacturing started in 1954 with the inauguration of the Bubenreuth factory and quickly developed into a production with industrial characteristics. The widespread use of solid woods became more infrequent, therefore manufacturing with partly solid materials or utilizing only laminated manufacturing. Overall there were more than 40 different thinline and semi-acoustic instrument models till the beginning of the seventies; one of the last ones being again a guitar sporting the name Billy Lorento and with the model number 07301.

Information about this model:
this is one of the most famous Framus models. There are very rare and its really hard to find one in good condition.


  • Head – very good condition. Logo was glued in the past, because there are some visible glue signs (visible on photo).
  • Keys – excellent condition.
  • Nut – good condition, but one of the tooth is broken (visible on photo).
  • Neck – excellent condition.
  • Fretboard – very good condition with small sings of use (visible on photos).
  • Frets – very good condition with visible sings of use (visible on photos).
  • Body – excellent condition.
  • Lacquer – good condition with some small bumbs, scratches and cracks typical for this age (visible on photo).
  • Electronics – after full check up and repairs by professional luthier.
  • Equipment – excellent condition.

Please note this is true vintage instrument – if you want to play it, it may need some setup.