Hopf Allround 1960’s Red


Information about production:
Hopf, was a German instruments manufacturer founded in 1906 (the family business goes back to the 17th century), exists to this very day and is a prime manufacturer of guitars, but also other instruments like wooden flutes. In the 1950s and 1960s, the company also produced various archtops and solid body guitars, but focused on the more classical instruments in the 1970s when Japanese imports almost erased the German guitar industry.

Information about this model:
This is beautifull Hopf Allround. It is in amazing shape and sound really great! In these times it’s really hard to find a nice Hopf in great shape, so I’m really happy I can offer you this beauty!


  • Head – very good condition.
  • Keys – very good condition.
  • Nut – good condition.
  • Neck – very good condition – it has some slight bow, but it is straight, which is super rare for the neck at this age and which does not have a truss rod.
  • Fretboard – very good condition.
  • Frets – good condition with some signs of use (visible on photos).
  • Body – very good condition with some bumps and scratches (visible on photos).
  • Lacquer – good condition with some bumps and scratches. On the front there is visible sign after  (visible on photos).
  • Electronics – one of the pickups is regenerated. Which means its wire was rewinded.
  • Equipment – excellent condition.

Please note this is true vintage instrument – if you want to play it, it may need some setup.

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