Jolana Tornado, 1960’s, Red, made in Czechoslovakia

Information about the production: 
In 1963 Jolana produced its’ first semihollow guitar, called Tornado. The guitars were made at the new Neoton plant at Hradec Kralove. The guitar had an immediate success and was followed by numerous modifications. The first was Graziela. Tornado and Graziela had both nearly the same body with four-bolt-on necks with rosewood or ebony fingerboards. Tornado had three single coils and Graziela had one or two. Tornado usualy had a bigsby-like tremolo system.
A couple of years lated even more semihollow models were made – Jolana Alexandra, Jolana Special, Jolana Rubin, Jolana Studio, and several others. all of them had similar construction and body shape, the differencies were in the hardware, headstock shapes and logos. Tornados were produced during the 60’s and the 70’s, alongside with other semihollow models.