Framus Strato Star Bass 5/156-52 1960’s Sunburst


Information about the Framus Basses:
With their first attempts at making electric basses, Framus had difficulties stepping away from the acoustic resonating body just like it did already with the electric guitars: The Hollywood Bass from the late fifties was still based on a semi solid construction. It had a Star Bass byname like some later models: Hollywood Star Bass, Strat®o Star Bass, Strat®o de Luxe Star Bass or even Framus Golden de Luxe Star Bass – which didn’t sound too bad. And in view of the famous musicians who used the instruments, these names weren’t just hollow words – German basses had already a good reputation among professional musicians in the sixties.


Information about this guitar:
This model was build in the 60’s. It is from the famous Strato de Luxe series.

Guitar is after full check up by professional luthier and it’s ready to play.


  • Head  average condition on front and very good condition on the back (visible on photos).
  • Keys – average condition. Two flanges that are missing on the photo were replaced and now all 4 are on guitar (visible on photo.
  • Nut –  good condition.
  • Neck – good condition.
  • Fretboard – good condition with small losse on 10th fret (visible on photo).
  • Frets – good condition with some signs of use (visible on photos).
  • Body – very good condition with visible bumps and stratches (visible on photo).
  • Lacquer – average condition with some bumps and stratches on the body and cracks on the neck (visible on photo).
  • Electronics – very good condition.
  • Equipment – string mutter foam missing.

Please note this is true vintage instrument – if you want to play it, it may need some setup.

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